Positive coaching. Earn respect with empathy and fairness, never with fear.

Push your players towards their limits because they want to be better. Make them confident in their possibilities by supporting them no matter what.

Don't just tell them what to do, create a good context and place them in it. See how they explore it and how they learn from it, see how they make their own decisions; learn from it yourself too.

There has to be a soccer ball on everything. The ball gives you everything you need, the ball makes your players not realize they are working hard because they love it. Running and jumping without it is a waste of time. 

Use your brain, design with care every single step of the staircase, anticipate the obstacles.

Motivate, spread passion for the game. Teach it with care, make your players appreciate the magic in it, and make them feel part of something bigger than themselves. It is an incredible adventure where hard work, cooperation and values are more important than anything else.

Show your players how much soccer means to you, and encourage it to mean as much to them.